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St. Louis video production company for small businesses, non-profits, and people with crazy ideas

Making good marketing

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At Fat Chance Media, we illuminate St. Louis businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits who are doing good things. We make it easy for you to inspire your audience by helping you clarify your passion, wild ideas, and goals into a beautiful little gem that you will be proud of for years. You can trust us to make videos that are meaningful and useful because we're about integrity, effectiveness, and no B.S.

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Video production services

Video editing, shooting, professional audio production, creative services, and all else involving moving images. We will produce your corporate video, digital marketing, or other online video project from start to finish. Whether you have a script in mind or want some ideas, we're game. These documentary-style films are honest and authentic, because your customer should feel as passionate about your work as you do.

How we help

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Local company

We're a married team of St. Louis natives, and we love this city. We use local businesses and services whenever we can, and we like clients who support the St. Louis community. We're based in Tower Grove East, and highly recommend Guerrilla Street Food and the Tick Tock Tavern (and everything on South Grand).

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Our loyal customers say that we make marketing videos easy. Most projects are interview-based (which aren't as painful as you expect) and shot in a non-obtrusive way to keep things real and manageable. Often, a simpler production makes for a stronger film: less flash, more meaning and emotion. Projects are stress-free and fun for you—we take care of the hard stuff.

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Video production is not cheap and prices vary per project, but we work with you to keep it reasonable and make sure your return on investment is worth it—and given the number of returning clients we have, it's worth it. We work directly with your business to make the process efficient and economical.

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Better marketing

Often, the word "marketing" leaves a bad taste in your mouth. We do video marketing differently. You are putting something good into the world. The people who can use it need to find you and understand what you do. We help make that connection, so you can keep doing good things. It's (kind of) simple.

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Good video

The best video does more than distract someone for a moment on social media. It doesn't bombard you with images. It doesn't force false emotions. It makes your brain work, it makes your eyes work, and it moves you in a genuine way. Every frame is a photograph that tells a piece of the story.


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Owner Dan Warner's experience as a newspaper journalist, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and writer inform much of his work. He handles your project from start to finish because he cares about every step of the process. His business card says "Good video. Weird guy." At least he knows who he is.

He's married to Jackie.

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Along with her work as a yoga teacher and writer, Jackie Kinealy handles marketing for Fat Chance Media and helps keep the engine running around here. She's in demand, a real hot item, and you might catch her passing on her bike in The Grove or Maplewood. She's the more likeable employee of Fat Chance Media.

She's married to Dan.

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